Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Rental Agreement

Thank you for choosing a My Lucky House unit. Below you will find our policies and procedures for taking care of both you and our units during your stay. We make sure that all of our guests take great care of our units and we try to take great care of our guests. Please take a few moments to read over these policies.

The following are the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement between MyLuckyHouse Inc, DBA My Lucky House and you, the guest ("Guest") for renting one of our furnished properties (“unit”). MyLuckyHouse Inc will hereby be referred to as My Lucky House. Please review the terms, conditions and payment schedules of the contract carefully, receipt of the reservation confirmation, payment of any money or taking possession of the unit will be considered acceptance of these terms and conditions. All payments will be due in accordance with the outlined schedule under the section “Deposits and Payments”. Any alteration must be approved in writing.

In placing a deposit to reserve any property with My Lucky House, whether by phone or online, you agree to all of the terms, conditions, and policies set forth within. These terms and policies, conditions are included with your confirmation.

RESPONSIBILITY OF RENTER: Guests acknowledges and understands that he/she is a temporary guest of the unit and not a tenant and that they are at least of the age of 25 years. This rental agreement is unique to the registered guest and may not be sublet or otherwise assigned to any other persons. Any overnight guests in addition to those registered and in excess of the unit’s capacity may result in eviction without refund. Renter agrees to be financially responsible for any damages/repairs to the unit and/or its contents caused by the Renter or Renter’s guests’ actions or conduct during the rental period. Renter understands that there are special risks that may be involved in using special features, i.e. spa, hot tub, pool, gas grills, etc., as well as using other areas of the unit and the Property. Renter agrees to explain the risks of using the special features to any guest they may have at the unit or Property and will be fully and solely responsible for any accidents.

DEPOSITS & PAYMENTS: My Lucky House accepts payments by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Personal Check, Cashiers Check, Cash or Money Order. A reservation deposit payment equaling $150 is required with your contract in order to secure your rental. FINAL PAYMENT IS DUE 30 DAYS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. Final payment can be remitted by check or credit card. A Balance Due email will be sent prior to the 30 days, including arrangements to make your payment. If you choose to mail a check for final payment, please make sure to send a copy of your confirmation with the check so that we know where to apply the payment. We will automatically draft the balance due from the provided credit card 30 days prior to arrival if we do not receive a payment. Both your deposit and final payment are NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of the cause of cancellation.

SECURITY DEPOSIT & DAMAGE: Renter agrees to provide a security deposit in the form of a VISA, MASTERCARD, or DISCOVER credit card. You have a duty to update the information should your credit card information change or expire prior to your arrival. My Lucky House reserves the right and the guest authorizes My Lucky House to charge the guest's credit card for the cost of repairs, replacement, services, telephone charges, extra cleaning, damage, breakage and/or loss incurred during your stay. In the event of damage to the premises, its equipment, furniture, or carpeting, the renter shall be responsible for ANY and ALL costs, including collection costs and attorney's fees. Documentation detailing damages and charges will be provided to the guest. House keys, mailbox keys, parking passes (if applicable) and garage door openers must be left in the house or the lockbox prior to departure; otherwise, there will be a charge of at least $25 per item missing.

One key must be left in the lockbox at all times. If this key has not been returned to the lockbox upon departure, a $25 fee will be assessed to your bill AS OUR STAFF WILL BE REQUIRED TO RETUN TO OUR OFFICE TO OBTAIN A KEY FOR ENTRY. This is strictly enforced.

PRIOR DAMAGE NOTIFICATION: Please report any damage that you notice upon check-in by calling our office at 541-383-1780 or by email at [email protected] to avoid charges for damage you did not cause. Reporting the condition of the unit is your responsibility. Please do so immediately upon discovery if you do not want to be held accountable for any damage.

cancellations/CHANGES: Any notice of cancellation must be in writing. Cancellation at any time results in forfeiture of $50 of your initial deposit. Cancellation within 30 days of arrival results in the forfeiture of the entire paid balance. Refunds are not given for cancellations for any reason (includes: weather, travel delays or illness). In the event that My Lucky House is able to re-rent the unit for the time reserved, a refund may be provided for the amount the unit has been re-rented for, less a $150 fee.

Changing your reservation from one unit to another may be considered a cancellation; and cancellation policies may apply. There are no refunds for early departures.

Month to Month: Tenants who stay month to month are required to give a 30-day notice of departure. Rent will be prorated to departure day. Unpaid balances are due the 1st of each month. Month to month tenancy may require a rental application, screening, signed lease and additional fees and deposits.

WARRANTIES: Rental unit equipment and amenities such as internet, TVs, appliances, air conditioning, pools, hot tubs, etc. may go out of service or need replacement during your stay. In such a case, notify My Lucky House immediately and we will do everything within our power to correct the situation. This may include making another unit (of equal size and value) available for your use. However, this is not always possible. Failure of equipment and amenities or nearby construction noise is not a cause for a full or partial refund.

MAX OCCUPANCY: Each unit has a specific maximum occupancy. Take note of the maximum number of guests allowed in the units and condos. Occupancy and use of the unit, suite(s), courtyard, and common area of the unit by guest, or other visiting invitees of a guest shall not be such as to disturb or offend neighbors, nearby residents, or other guests of the unit. Guest understands and agrees that the maximum number of occupants as stated on your confirmation letter must not be exceeded. In the event that the maximum occupancy is exceeded, My Lucky House and the Fire Marshall will evict immediately without notice any number of guests in excess of the maximum occupancy number, or the entire party. This rule and requirement are made a part of this agreement for insurance regulation requirements; fire code and city ordinance requirements and particularly for the safety of guests. My Lucky House and its authorized agents have the right to inspect the unit during your stay to guarantee that this stipulation has not been violated.

CHECK-IN & CHECK-OUT: Check-in time is 4:00 pm PST and check-out time is 11:00 am PST unless you have received written or emailed documentation from My Lucky House detailing otherwise. Keys will be available in a lockbox on the front door or porch of the rental unit. You will receive instructions along with the lockbox code in a Check-in Instruction email. Driving directions can be provided prior to your arrival upon request. Failure to check-out on time without written consent from My Lucky House will result in a minimum charge of $75.00 per hour.

PET POLICY: Pets are permitted in some of our properties but not all of them. This will be specifically noted on each unit’s information page and will be detailed within your confirmation. If excessive pet hair is found, an additional fee for cleaning will be assessed. Guests are responsible for any and all damages caused by their pet. Any guest found with a pet in a unit that is not pet-friendly will be required to vacate the premises without refund. You will also be charged a fee for pest control, a deep clean, and an equivalent of one day's rent which, when combined, usually amounts to over $600.00. (This is strictly enforced).

HOUSEKEEPING: My Lucky House units are self-catering. The unit will be clean upon your arrival and will be cleaned after you leave. The unit will be set up with fresh bed linens, bath towels, and some toiletries when you arrive. You are responsible for additional toiletries needed during your stay as well as any mid-stay cleaning such as taking out the trash, washing dishes, and washing of linens provided by My Lucky House, during your stay.

MID-STAY CLEANINGS & LINEN/TOWEL SERVICES: Mid-stay cleanings may be purchased for an additional charge. A mid-stay clean may include fresh towels and linens, additional toilet paper, trash take-out, dishwasher loading and a light cleaning/vacuum. Please contact My Lucky House at [email protected] or call us at 541-383-1780, for pricing and coordination prior to arriving or select this option during the check-out procedure online.

MAINTAINING UNIT CONDITION: Guest agrees to maintain the cleanliness of the premises during occupancy. Guest promises to exercise care in the treatment of the accommodations and furnishings. Guest agrees to leave the unit, premises, and furnishings in clean and undamaged condition. This includes starting the dishwasher, disposing of trash into provided containers, cleaning BBQ grills and making sure all doors and windows are closed and locked upon departure. Pet-friendly units: removal of pet waste from property grounds and community areas, if applicable. Guest further understands that My Lucky House reserves the right, and guest authorizes My Lucky House to charge a guest for the foregoing items not completed, any necessary repairs and/or for any unusual degree of cleaning which may be necessary.
Guest shall not bring, keep, or have either inside or outside the premises of the unit any article or thing of a hazardous nature, including fireworks, explosives, flammable items, firearms, gas, charcoal, or propane grills, or any other item that either might be or could be hazardous or considered hazardous by any insurance company. Rearranging of furniture is not permitted nor is moving indoor furniture outside.

RIGHT OF ENTRY: My Lucky House and its authorized agents may enter the premises at any time in the event of an emergency, but will use its best efforts to give 24-hour notice for normal maintenance or inspections.

ACCOMMODATIONS: All properties are privately owned and individually furnished with the basic items such as pillows, blankets, cookware, flatware and dishes. Other small appliances, local telephone, lawn chairs, extra towels, extra blankets or pillows, blenders, wine glasses, etc., may or may not be provided. My Lucky House may attempt to obtain requested items at additional cost to guest.



Even though Marijuana has been legalized in Oregon, smoking is still prohibited. Failure to honor this request will result in additional charges for a deep clean, rental of an ozone machine and the equivalent of one day's rent which, when combined, can amount to over $900.00.

HOLD HARMLESS/INDEMNIFICATION/LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: My Lucky House assumes no liability for your stay in Oregon or the activities that you partake in during your visit. Guest acknowledges that My Lucky House is not responsible for any loss of money, jewelry or other personal items of guests or any invitees of a guest. Guest hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the unit owner, My Lucky House, its members, managers, employees and agents for damage to person or property arising out of or in any way related to guest or invitees of guest use of premises resulting from the unit or any part of it or any equipment or appurtenance becoming out of repair, or resulting from any accident in or about the unit, or resulting directly or indirectly from any act or neglect of any guest of the unit, invitees of guest or of any other person. Guest assumes the risk of injury and any related pain and suffering or medical expenses or other losses relating to the use of the unit and/or recreational activities on the premises or in the city where the unit is located and will hold My Lucky House harmless with respect thereto.

KEYS: A minimum $25 fee per key will be charged for lost or non-returned keys, parking passes and garage door openers. If you lock yourself out of the unit and require assistance after normal business hours, a $100.00 fee may apply. At all times, one key must be left in the lockbox to avoid additional charges, as our staff will be required to return to the office to pick up a key to gain entry.

One key must be left in the lockbox at all times. If this key has not been returned to the lockbox at departure, a $25 fee will be assessed to your bill. This is strictly enforced.

PARKING: Guest agrees to use only the parking spaces provided for the unit. Off street parking may be limited and may not exceed the unit's maximum allowable vehicles. Offending vehicles may be towed or booted at Guest's expense without notification. Motorcycles, campers, RVs and boat trailers are not allowed.

WEDDING/EVENTS: No weddings, receptions, events, reunions, or parties of any kind are to be held at the unit or in the courtyard or open areas without the written consent of My Lucky House. Events require a separate Event Agreement and Event Fees. The definition of an event is any gathering of people at the unit that exceeds the number of people sleeping at the unit as stated in the confirmation letter. My Lucky House has the right to inspect the unit and related property at any time during your stay to guarantee that this stipulation has not been violated.

TELEPHONE: Not all units have a land line. For those that do, long distance calls are not permitted and cell phone use is recommended. Most properties that have a residential phone line have blocked long distance. Charges incurred during reservation for phone services outside of local service (411, long distance, collect calls, etc.) will be the guest's responsibility.

POOL ACCESS: If pool access is important to you, be sure to search for properties that offer access to a neighborhood or private pool. Not all units offer pool access. Most pools will be made available from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, this is beyond the control of My Lucky House. Rules and pool hours must be observed, failure to do so can result in eviction.

INTERNET ACCESS/TV: While internet service is provided at many of the properties managed by My Lucky House, My Lucky House does not warrant the connectivity or equipment. Internet support is not offered by My Lucky House beyond providing the access or log-in information. Support may be obtained by guest via the internet provider only. Internet connection or equipment failure is not cause for full or partial refund. Our owners provide cable TV and internet service at their discretion. Any cable TV or internet service packages, features or equipment, above what is already provided, is the responsibility of the tenant.

CITY ORDINANCES: Guest agrees to abide by the covenants of the Community Association and all City Ordinances. The Manager has the right to terminate this agreement and ask violators to vacate the unit. In which case, no refund will be given for remaining reserved days. Occupancy and use of the unit and communal areas shall not be such as to disturb or offend guests or residents (e.g. guests may not hang articles of clothing from window or balconies, bikes must be stored in designated areas, etc.) House parties and other large gatherings are not allowed. Our properties are located in residential areas and are rented for personal vacation use only. Loud music or other noise will result in immediate eviction without refund. If the noise disturbs other guests on the property or other residents or their guests in neighboring homes, the guest may be subject to financial penalties. My Lucky House reserves the right and prerogative to terminate a Rental Agreement and to ask disruptive guests to vacate the premises in the event of complaints or in the discretion of My Lucky House without the refunding of rental fee. All violators risk forfeiture of their deposit, rental fees, eviction and even additional financial penalties.

LOST & FOUND: My Lucky House is not responsible for personal items left behind. My Lucky House will do everything within our limits to obtain and return items left behind. Items not claimed after 30 days will be donated. If items left behind need to be shipped, we require a valid credit card number to cover shipping costs plus a $25 administrative fee.

EMERGENCIES: Emergency contact information will be provided in the Check-in Instruction email. It is imperative the My Lucky House staff be contacted in all emergency situations.

RIGHT TO SUBSTITUTE: Should the owner of any unit elect to remove their unit from our rental program, sell their unit, or if a unit were to become uninhabitable, the guest shall not hold My Lucky House liable. In such an instance, if possible, the guest will be relocated to comparable accommodations determined by the rental agency. If comparable accommodations are not available, the guest will receive a full refund.

RIGHT TO CANCEL: We reserve the right to cancel a reservation without notice and at any time; due to any unforeseen circumstances.

PRICE CHANGES: Pricing is subject to change without notice.



  • You authorize My Lucky House to charge your credit card for reservation deposits, reservation payments, incidentals, excessive cleaning charges and replacement and repair costs due to any damage caused to the unit or condo by you, your guests or pets.

Thank you for choosing My Lucky House for your furnished rental company.